"No Source Available" when debugging .axf file with gdb

I’m running the Demo for the LM3S811 on QEMU, but I can’t debug it properly because I get the message “No Source Available”.

qemu-system-arm -machine lm3s811evb -kernel ./gcc/RTOSDemo.axf -s -S

and on another terminal I’m running gdb with:

 gdb-multiarch ./gcc/RTOSDemo.axf  

then I’m connecting to qemu with target remote :1234

What I’m I missing? Thanks in advance.

@sofia-am You’re using the demo at CORTEX_LM3S811_GCC demo right?

To get debug symbols, you’ll need to add one of the following flags to CFLAGS in the makedefs file:


Depending on what level of debug info you want included. You can refer to the gcc documentation on the topic for more info.