NIOS support for new Altera tools

robertklem wrote on Thursday, July 01, 2010:

I am new to freeRTOS.   I am attempting to run it on a NIOS processor.  I downloaded the demo project , was able to modify it for my hardware and was able to see that tasks were running.  I then updated my Altera tool set to version 9.1 (from 9.0).  I found that Altera changed their interrupt APIs and code.  I modified the port code and I was able to get the code to compile, but it does not run.  I can not even get the debugger to come up. I am fairy sure that my current problem is related to the interrupt.

Has anyone been able to get freeRTOS to run using the version 9.1 tool set? 

rtel wrote on Sunday, July 04, 2010:

…just for the information of others who have read this post and have the same issue - I have been sent some file that will update the demo to use V9.1.  These will be posted to both the site and the FreeRTOS Interactive site very shortly.


robertklem wrote on Tuesday, July 06, 2010:

Mr. Barry,

Thank you for your reply…  I will be looking forward to the new files.  I am hoping that this is a one time fix to handle the problem with interrupts introduced when Altear changed its API (to handle VIC) and that it will also be compatable with version 10 of the tool set due out in the next week or so.