Nichelite FreeRTOS

woltiat wrote on Saturday, November 13, 2010:


Has anybody tried to integrate the nichelite demo applications from NXP (Or ST) to FreeRTOS? I have found an OpenRTOS/Connect demo on the net but the stack provided is linked as a library so this is not obvious. Maybe also a reason that people by OpenRTOS which would also be possible for us but the pricelist does not contain a bundle of Nichelite with OpenRTOS.

Anyway - Looking through the sourcecode and also to the nichetask documentation a port should not be too difficult and another possiblity would be to use the superloop and create a separate freertos task for this.


davedoors wrote on Monday, November 15, 2010:

I have talked about this before. There is a port layer in Nichelite that can be adapted to FreeRTOS quite easily, and lots of people use Nichelite with OpenRTOS (which is the same as FreeRTOS). Check the license conditions for Nichelite NXP. I think it prevents Nichelite being distributed by anybody except NXP so if you find an example on the web it will probably be an illegal download.