NetworkInterface for TMS320F2838x CM

I have write a basic network driver for FreeRTOS-PLUS TCP FreeRTOS-Plus tcp driver for TMS320F2838x ( This driver uses the ethernet.h library from driverlib_cm from texas instrument. All your feedback and advice are greatly appreciated to improve this driver

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Thank you for sharing this network interface.
Is it using zero-copy techniques?

When this statement is executed, are you sure that the sending is complete?

Why do you clear pxDescriptor->pucEthernetBuffer before freeing the network buffer?

Does the EMAC have a buffer of outgoing packets?

Just get more information, can you attach your FreeRTOSIPConfig.h header please? Thanks.

Thanks @adrien for writting the driver.
Please create a PR in GitHub for the same for repo. We will take it up from there and review the same.

No not at the moment this is the next step

no I need to add a test

good question, it’s actually not necessary

I do not think so

Hello Adrien,

This time I looked much more into detail, and added some comments:

tms320f2838x.v2.c (14.4 KB)

The comments start with // _HT_

Have you already seen this call-back from the TI library?

     /** Free packet call back called after the completion of Tx and
       when the buffer needs to handled back to application */
    void (*pfcbFreePacket )( Ethernet_Handle handleApplication,
                             Ethernet_Pkt_Desc *pPacket);

It can be useful when you want to send multiple packets without waiting.
We normally use a counting semaphore, see for example here.

If you have a TX queue of 3 descriptors, your semaphore will have a max count of 3, and an initial value of 3 as well.
The function NetworkInterfaceOutput() will decrease the semaphore, it will be increased after the callback.
This mechanism may help you in finding out why the ETHERNET_DESC_OWNER bit wasn’t cleared, as you wrote.

Hello, Adrien,
First of all, thank you for sharing your work, I am working on ethernet-tcp with the f28388d card and I want to run my tcp application on freertos and I am very new to these things, so can you share this project on github if FreeRTOS-PLUS TCP is not private?

This source code may not make much sense for people like me who are new to this.

I wish you good work.

Hi @mkaya ,
Application interacts with FreeRTOS-plus-TCP stack using the socket APIs.
You can refer to the FreeRTOS-plus-TCP wiki page FreeRTOS Plus TCP - A free thread aware TCP/IP stack for FreeRTOS for the sicket API signatures.
Also we have some demos which you can refer to create the TCP application.

  1. Windows Simulator Demo
  2. QEMU Demo
  3. Multi-endpoint Demo