NetworkInterface Driver for Smartfusion2 (Cortex-M3)


I am trying to use the latest FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP (FreeRTOS 202212.01) on the SmartFusion2 Dev board. None of the drivers under FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP\source\portable\NetworkInterface seems to be for the SmartFusion2 (Cortex-M3) chip, so we need to create a driver for it? Just wanted to confirm.


Yes, there isn’t a network interface written for SmartFusion2 yet.

You can refer to Porting FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP to a Different Microcontroller on information related to porting the stack to a new hardware.

Hi Tony, thanks so much for confirming this!

Hi Liua,

How did you get on with this?
Currently attempting to write one myself, using the LWIP version as a reference.