Network protocol 802.1d

yyang2000 wrote on Monday, March 16, 2009:


I had a question about to implement Spanning Tree protocol (IEEE 802.1d standard) using FreeRTOS, but no one willing answer me so far.

Because this 802.1D need to implement on a CPU, I am curiously wondering if the FreeRTOS can handle or fit the application for a network protocol like 802.1D/1w (Rapid Spanning Tree/Multiple Spanning Tree protocol) on a switch board.  Or May I have to use VxWorks or QNX the kind of embedded RTOS?

Any suggestion or point of view are appreciated.

Bill Yang

davedoors wrote on Tuesday, March 17, 2009:

FreeRTOS is just a kernel and does not include 802.1d components. If 802.1d can be implemented in software and you have the protocol stack then there is no reason why you could not getting working under FreeRTOS.