Need to run an application on QEMU environment


I downloaded the FreeRTOSv202112.00 of include and source files. I need to build the source files on VS code IDE and create the library. Then I need to run an application on QEMU environment using the library being created.

  1. How can I cross-compile the freertos source files on VS code to generate library for target environment or QEMU?

Please suggest your valuable guidelines.

There is a Demo which uses vscode and qemu . The “.vscode” folder is what you might want to look at.

Here are some more resources on vscode for FreeRTOS development: Using Visual Studio Code for FreeRTOS development - FreeRTOS
Install and Start QEMU Emulator for Running FreeRTOS Demo - FreeRTOS. Additionally I came across this blog post, which might be of interest to you : Visual Studio Code for C/C++ with ARM Cortex-M: Part 1 – Installation | MCU on Eclipse

Hope these resource help you move forward.

Thank you so much for your response. I will go through it.