Multi_Heap_assert - ISSUE

I’ve been performing a OTA update (AWS IoT Core)to the secondary processor and it has all been working as expected. However, I see this in the warning about the multi_heap assert in my logs and need advice in fixing the same.

The log you provided is full of this assert. Is this assert being hit immediately after reset?

Generally this happens when the heap is corrupted by a buffer overrun or other stray pointer.

Hi, Yes this is hit as soon as reset after my OTA is complete. It reboots and hit these asserts.

Does this happen when you program the ESP32 with the same code directly (JTAG or serial)?

As I mentioned, this logs are observed in the secondary processor after a successful OTA update.
The connection between the primary and secondary processor is Serial.

It looks like the new code that is applied via OTA has a bug and is corrupting the heap. Espressif has written the following document to help perform heap debugging.

It would be very helpful if you can remove variables like OTA and reduce the problem space.