MSP430FR5969 to MSP430FR5994

I am trying to port the MSP430X_MSP430FR5969_LaunchPad_IAR_CCS demo to MSP430FR5994.
An error occurs when changing the device to MSP430FR5994 and building.
I am using CCS.

#20 identifier “DMA_BASE” is undefined dma.c /RTOSDemo/driverlib/MSP430FR5xx_6xx line 57 C/C++ Problem

Is there any way around this?

I’m guessing the file generating the error is a driver file provided by TI for a chip that has DMA, and you are now trying to build the same file, but targeting a chip that doesn’t have DMA. You need to build the driver files provided for the chip you are actually targetting.

There seems to be a difference in each header file.

DMA Registers
#define MSP430_HAS_DMA 6 /
Definition to show that module is available */
#define MSP430_BASEADDRESS_DMA 0x0500


  • DMA_X
    #define MSP430_HAS_DMAX_3 /
    Definition to show that Module is available */
    #define MSP430_BASEADDRESS_DMAX_3 0x0500

It seems to be unsupported because it is defined in dma.c as follows:

#if defined(MSP430_HAS_DMAX_3) || defined(MSP430_HAS_DMAX_6)
#include “dma.h”

May be you should generate a new bare metal project for your target and get it working first and then add FreeRTOS.

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I solved it as follows.

Build after importing the MSP430 Ware sample from CCS Resource Explorer.
Device->MSP430FR5XX_6XX->MSP430FR5994->Peripheral Example->Driver Library->Example Project->FRAMCTL_A

Overwrite and copy the driverlib of framctl_a_ex1_write to RTOSDemo.

Change RTOSDemo device->MSP430FR5994.

Thank you for reporting back.