Mqtt threading

I was reading this page Handling Multiple Client Connections-Python MQTT

There is paragraph

" Threading Advantages

The main advantage of using threads is speed. If your script needs to be very responsive then your will probably need threads."

I don’t understand this paragraph, what exactly it say in regards of responsive and speed

mqtt broker provides socket connections and services. MQTT clients can publish topics or subscribe to topics or both.

This is not a FreeRTOS question. However, the following links provide some useful information -

I am using raspberry pi as broker and ESP32 as client. Mqtt protocol would be use between these two devices

I am using freertos for ESP32.

What would be advantage of threading for mqtt?

If you are using FreeRTOS, you already have threading support. Do you want to ask the advantages of having more than one task/thread doing MQTT operations? If so, that depends on your application. If your application is only listening for incoming messages, one thread can be blocked waiting for incoming messages and handle them as they arrive. If you want to send messages while one thread is blocked waiting for incoming messages, you probably need another thread for that.