Monkey test


excuse me,
I want to test FreeRTOS system will crash,
Can used like the Monkey test fuction to test FreeRTOS or not ?

Hi there,

the question is somewhat unclear. If your goal is to prove a FreeRTOS based system stable or unstable, the answer is no. No unit test can do that because (as has been discussed many times before) an RTOS is primarily a scheduler, so the random input to feed into the test would need to be random asynchronous events including interrupts. Unit tests assume a static input-output relationship which will suffice to test individual functions but not concurrency.

If all you want to know is whether it would be possible to apply unit tests (whether random or deterministic input) to individual functions in a FreeRTOS based system or not - of course that is possible, but may not be too useful.

Typically, a monkey test for an RTOS based system is the field. Frequently integration testing (if taking seriously) does a fairly good job in catching 99% of all problems, but the last 1% happen (according to Murphy’s laws) in scenarios which are very infrequent and may never be reproducable at development sites.