Modbus TCP/IP with TMS570LC4357 Launchpad

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I am trying to implement Modbus TCP/IP communication with TMSLC570lc4357 Launchpad. I am a newbie to the embedded world. Please advise the ways to achieve it…:blush::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmm, that is a very vague question. Note this is a FreeRTOS forum where we prefer to keep the discussion focused on FreeRTOS - whereas your question doesn’t mention FreeRTOS. My suggestion would be to find a suitable Modbus TCP library and try using that.

Hello Mr. Richard,

Is there any code for TCP in FreeRTOS ?


Yes e.g.
but also other stacks like lwip can be integrated.

Hello Mr. Hartmut,

Thank you for your reply. Whether FreeRTOS + TCP will be useful for integrating Modbus communication over FreeRTOS + TCP

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