MLPAB FreeRTOS viewer plug-in

petermeier wrote on Wednesday, February 10, 2010:


who is maintaining the FreeRTOS viewer plugin for Microchip MPLAB IDE? Is it done by Microchip or persons from the FreeRTOS project?

I’ve seen the following errors in MPLAB v8.43 and older versions. Compiler is C32 v1.10b. CPU PIC32MX360F512.

Bug 1: When creating a Task with xCreateTask( myTask1, “myTask1”, 300, NULL, Prio >= 1, NULL) the task is not being displayed in the Task-List. If i create the task with a priority of 0, it is being displayed. That occures in my application and either the demo application.
Bug 2: If iam creating a queue it is not displayed. It just says: “Queue information not available” - but the queue is working totally fine in my software.

The system information will match the the values i have debugged directly (e.g. pxCurrentTCB)…

Is there either any kind of solution for that?

Kind regards,

rtel wrote on Wednesday, February 10, 2010:

Can’t help with point 1, but for point 2 see