Missing fsdata_custom.c

When trying to build the lwip http server under arm STM32F407G DISC1 evaluation hardware on ubuntu using the STM32CubeIDE 1.3.1 I get a file not found for “fsdata_custom.c”. In the configuration for middleware HTTPD I see at the bottom of the list "HTTPD_USE_CUSTOM_FSDATA (…) is Enabled. I can not disable it. I also believe if I could I would just get a file not found for “fsdata.c”.
I have tried making the fsdata.c from the old perl script makefsdata, and move the fsdata.c generated to fsdata_custom.c but the c file generated does not compile and complains about NULL not defined and array type as incomplete element type.

So now what?

You are posting to the tracealyzer category of the FreeRTOS forum, but your question does not seem to relate to tracealyzer or FreeRTOS. If you have a question about tracealyzer I would recommend rewording so the question is clear. If you have a question about lwIP I would recommend asking it on the lwIP support mailing list.