Misra2012 rules 5.5 compatibility: Identifiers shall be distinct from macro names

some functions and macros in mpu_wrapper.h have the same name.

/* Map standard event_group.h API functions to the MPU equivalents. */
        #define xEventGroupCreate                      MPU_xEventGroupCreate
        #define xEventGroupCreateStatic                MPU_xEventGroupCreateStatic
        #define xEventGroupWaitBits                    MPU_xEventGroupWaitBits
        #define xEventGroupClearBits                   MPU_xEventGroupClearBits
        #define xEventGroupSetBits                     MPU_xEventGroupSetBits
        #define xEventGroupSync                        MPU_xEventGroupSync
        #define vEventGroupDelete                      MPU_vEventGroupDelete

That is intentional - this header maps the function names to their MPU wrappers for the MPU (Memory Protection Unit) ports.

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