Miro Samek Quantum Frame Wrk & freeRTOS

nobody wrote on Tuesday, November 30, 2004:

Has any one ported Quantum frame works (QF)on top of freeRTOS. If so please share your experience.
Mr Barry if you are aware of the above please share your thoughts.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, November 30, 2004:

I have used QP on a big R&D project - it used a commercial RTOS not FreeRTOS but the principals are the same and it does not rely on any particular feature of an RTOS.

From my own experience I would strongly recommend QP for any application with a state machine of moderate complexity or greater be it with or without an RTOS.

At first using pointers to functions that return pointers to functions is difficult to get your head around, as is the fact that a state is represented by a function (not the traditional approach) - but you don’t really need to even think about this.  The abstraction is such that the complexity is hidden.

Personally I did not like the macro usage and syntax used in the book so we changed it to suit ourselves, but the basic principal was the same and worked very well.

This was some time ago now so the detail details are a bit shady but hope this helps you decide.