Migration from deprecated rtos v10.4.3 to v11.0.1

I’m currently trying to migrate my legacy freertos 20210526_Archive that has been deprecated to to the latest LTS version outcome there so that i can actually upgrade the kernel itself to v11.0.1

Are there migration guides besides the History.txt that’s provided?

This is my plan of attack hopefully someone can point out some flaws:

  1. I’m planning on migrating the deprecated amazon-freertos to the latest FreeRTOS-LTS
    and because I’m heavily using the espressif vendor library I would just need to add a submodule since this is no longer in “amazon-freertos”.

And that would be for every submodule I’m using that was nicely bundled up with the amazon-freertos repo.

  1. The other route I’m thinking on taking is to really just have a dependency dir with all the individual submodules of interest for example FreeRTOS-Kernel, coreMQTT, esp-idf, etc

I have thus far played around with the migration but it’s been very difficult to even upgrade from v10.4.3 to v10.6.x with so many parts involved I’m simply getting lost and things breaking

any pointers would highly be appreciated…

Thank you in advance

Have you looked at our reference integration for ESP - GitHub - FreeRTOS/iot-reference-esp32c3? Is it similar to what you are looking for?