Memory issue in free RTOS

In my project i want to run multiple tasks simultaneously, for that i have created two task one is default and my_task_01 so here when i am trying to blink 2 led and it is running simultaneously without any error, and then call my ADC reading in the default task and Nextion display task in my_task_01 and it gives me an error like this.

so, if anybody have idea on this please let me know.
thank you.

This does not seem to be a FreeRTOS issue but more of a tooling issue. You’d be better asking on ST forums. A quick Google search gives the following which may be useful - ST Community.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for the reply, actually i raised a query in ST forum also but till now i didn’t get any response from them that’s why i raised query here.
i have never seen such a forum who was not responding anything from last 2 months.
any other suggestion from your side.
thank you.

I’m not familiar with the ST programming tools, but your screenshot shows

Flash size: 64 kBytes

Is this correct for your MCU type ? Seems very little…

As Hartmut says, your processor says it has only 64k of flash, but your program is 92k long, so doesn’t fit.

I would have expected you to have gotten a linking error, but maybe you linked with files for a different processor that told the linker you have more flash than you actually do.

From your other post, you are using STM32F750N8? If so, it actually has 64K which, as @richard-damon pointed, probably indicates that your linker script is not correct.

I agree that my processor has 64KB, but i need to use the same processor since the design and everything did. so is there any other ways to increase the flash size to run a bulk code.??

You have to decrease the image size. Verify your code including the linker script as Richard already proposed and the resulting map-file to find the reason. A rather simple application like yours should be way smaller.
Be aware that building for debugging without any optimization (e.g. GCC flag -O0) is very nice but leads to a larger image than building with a bit optimization (e.g. GCC flag -Og). The latter is a bit less comfortable (local variables could get optimized away) but you might be able to fit the image into your flash also with reasonable debugging support.

Thanks for the reply, However, i am gonna add some more code to my project so definitely it will go more than 100 KB so for this what should i do can i use SDRAM externally to store the flash data or is any other ways to achieve it without any memory errors .

I afraid you are limited to the given size. Or do you have any other persistent storage mounted ? But … you can write quite a lot of code that fits into 64k with ‘optimization for size’ (-Os for GCC). You might have problems with debugging so you could end up selectively setting optimizer flags for dedicated files or pieces of code. Makes life a bit harder, but it’s doable.
You really should find the reason for the current image size and watch it later on while developing.