Measurement of execution time of interrupt handler

with the uxTaskGetSystemState I will get the runtime information of my tasks. It is possible to measure the runtime of interrupt handler functions?

Thank you for your help.

Nothing provided by FreeRTOS. You would need to do your own. I remember using tracealyzer a while back, and they make it pretty easy to instrument your ISRs for that kind of measurement.

I have used code similar to the FreeRTOS run-time states, with an array of collection buckets one for each ISR, that accumulates the time. You need a call to tracking functions at the start and end of every ISR and gives you CLOSE results (you need to add in the overhead of coming in and going out and what the stats code uses.

did you write your own code or used you a ready-made solution?

I wrote my own, but looked at the FreeRTOS implementation. I put mine into freertostask_c_additions.h so it could interface into the existing code, as part of my desire was to remove ISR time from the task stats as well.

Hi Martin,

I think SystemView could be helpful.