MCF51CN128 webserver demo

rf5 wrote on Tuesday, September 15, 2009:


I’m trying the MCF51CN128 web server, available on v5.4.2 under the Demo folder "ColdFire_MCF51CN128_CodeWarrior". The code compiles ok and I’m able to flash the target, the Tower System.

However, when running the application I have no Ethernet connectivity, I can see the LEDs 2 to 4 blinking, so system is running. But when I try to ping the target from Host PC I get no replies.

My environment setup seems to be fine, as I can run other webserver applications using the same PC, cables and board.

Since I’m trying an unchanged demo from the RTOS I decided to ping the list before starting debugging the application.

Has anyone tried this demo?

Thanks a lot!

- rf

rtel wrote on Wednesday, September 16, 2009:

Is the tower IP address set to something that is compatible with the network you are connecting it to?  An easy way to ensure this is to set the first three octets of the IP address to be the same as your host computer, while also ensuring that the chosen IP address is not already present on the network.

For example, if you host computer is set to, then you can set the tower to anything in the range to provided the chosen IP address is not already being used.


rf5 wrote on Thursday, September 17, 2009:

Hello, Richard.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m trying (board) and (PC). I’m sure this is not a network configuration, since I’m running other Webserver demos on the same platform.

I just received a previous release from this very same application (RTOSDemo.mcp) and it is working fine! So, I’ll compare the code to check where the difference resides.