LTS Roadmap and GNU Complexity


I appreciate the FreeRTOS LTS roadmap activities. The FreeRTOS will get maturity during this process.

I have seen that the GNU Complexity is used for source code complexity measurement of the FreeRTOS code. We would like to use it for our projects also. Does someone know if a version for Windows is available for download also. The standard version is for Linux only.

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I was able to build it on Windows too - probably using MingW but I don’t recall be honest - attached is the config log file that purports to show the output of the configure process that probably give the build environment I used. I can post the Windows executable too but I’m not sure what people feel about downloading executable images from a (15.2 KB)

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m not familiar with the MingW. I would appreciate if you could post the executable in some way (directly or through a cloud service).

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Looking into this further it looks like I built the file from a cygwin terminal (on Windows 10) using the gcc version that comes with cygwin, not MingW. It also executes from a cygwin terminal, but will presumably also execute if you have the cygwin dll files in your path.

The file is attached in a zip file (97.2 KB)

Thank you for the EXE file. I was able to find the necessary DLL files in the Cygwin distribution. The Complexity software is operational now. I have tested it already and the results look closer to the real software complexity - closer than the values which we got from the CCCC cyclomatic complexity checker before (