LTE CAT-4 modules Supported in Cellular Library?


I would like to know if it is possible to use the FreeRTOS Cellular Library to interface a 4G LTE CAT-4 module ( SIM7600E) ?
As per the documentation, the library is supporting only CAT-M1 modules ?

Please not that in our project use case, the bandwidth requirements are very less. Even a CAT-M would have done the job, but due to global semiconductor shortage we had to choose a CAT-4 module.

Any help is highly appreciated!


Hello @vgk13 ,

The cellular library supports

and it can be ported to other modems. Please refer to porting documentation here.

Thanks @pvyawaha . I hope it can be ported irrespective of the modem technology.

Yes you should be able to port it irrespective of modem technology.

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Thanks @pvyawaha for the fast response.