LPT Run first


First of all excuse my english, i am not a native speaker. I came accros freeRTOS these days and i started using it with Arduino which is amazing. Today i made a small code to switch between two tasks . When i use a blocking delay with : vTaskDelay(1000/portTICK_PERIOD_MS); in both tasks i observed that the LPT took control when the HPT does not run at all. i was wondering why ? and since i am new to freeRTOS i can not figure it out. I know this is something easy for a lot of you but as i said i am still new and i m willing to learn.

Thanks a lot.

Are you sure both tasks were created correctly? Did you check the return values of the call to xTaskCreate() used to create them? If both tasks were created please post the code used to create the tasks and the tasks themselves if they are simple.