LPC32x0 free RTOS support soon

anonymous wrote on Wednesday, January 06, 2010:

Just wondering if any ARM9 LPC32x0 familly will be supported soon, or if the modifications of different files is a consequent work to translate an ARM7 LPC2378 into LPC32x0? I am just a newbee in free RTOS.

rtel wrote on Thursday, January 07, 2010:

I’m sure it will be supported at some point (probably when a customer wants it) - but there is no imminent plan.  I do seem to recall seeing FreeRTOS running on an LPC3xxx at the ESC conference in San Jose last year though.

I don’t have any experience of the LPC3xxx myself, but do have experience of other ARM9 parts where I have found basically no changes are required from ports to their smaller ARM7 brothers.  Although the ARM7 and ARM9 are completely different at the silicon level, from the programmers point of view they are basically the same.  Check the implementation of prvSetupTimerInterrupt() in port.c in case the timer peripheral is different between the LPC2000 and LPC3000.