LPC2129 Keil port using new ARM Keil tools

nobody wrote on Thursday, September 28, 2006:

Hi All,

I noticed the following disclamer under the LPC2129 Keil port on the FreeRTOS website (http://www.freertos.org/portlpckeil.html):

Please note: The port requires the Keil DKARM compiler version 1.5 or later. This port has not yet been updated for the new ARM owned version of the Keil tools.

First off, what does this really mean? If I purchase the latest & greatest version of RealView MDK-ARM (http://www.keil.com/arm/rvmdkkit.asp) along with the LPC2129 board, will this run or not?

I guess I am confused as to whether the disclaimer means that the project files of the IDE will not be able to be opened because the port was done using an older version of the Keil DK OR that the compiled code will also not run because the compiler has also changed OR both of the above… 

I hope my point is getting across.  I like Keil tools but would not want to do too much work porting because the focus of my project is elsewhere.  In that case I’d consider getting IAR tools because the LPC2129 port doesn’t have such a scary disclaimer and it would ostensibly work with the latest purchased version of the IAR toolset. 

Ideally I’d like to get latest Keil MDK-ARM and the LPC2129 and have it work with little effort. 

Any comments/suggestions/diatribes are most welcome :slight_smile:


rtel wrote on Thursday, September 28, 2006:

First - you can get demo versions of both compilers (Keil and IAR) with which you can assess the suitability and effort required without having to spend any cash.

I’m a bit confused about the Keil thing at the moment.  Here is the story:

1) When the Keil ARM compiler first came out I produced the Keil LPC port.

2) Keil and ARM got into bed with each other.

3) I obtained a new version of the Keil tools that included the RVDS compiler.  This was so that I could produce the Cortex-M3 port. 

4) With the new uVision version I also have successfully opened, compiled and debugged the original Keil LPC2000 demo project.  I took this to mean that the two compilers/assemblers (RVDS and the original Keil compiler) were compatible in that they would both compile the same asm code and therefore no modifications were required to the FreeRTOS.org Keil demo project.

5) It has since been pointed out to me that this assumption was completely wrong.  The new Keil tools are in fact shipped with both compilers, and the compiler used is one of the project options.  As the LPC demo was written with the Keil compiler it was still being compiled with the Keil compiler and I have proven nothing regarding compatibility.  This is just what I’m told, I have not verified it yet.

So, using the latest version of Keil tools, you can successfully open, compile and debug all the existing FreeRTOS.org Keil demo applications but some will by default use the Keil compiler and some by default use the RVDS compiler.


nobody wrote on Friday, September 29, 2006:

Thanks for the info Richard.  Confusion abounds in this.  If anyone has info on this, please inform.


jra01 wrote on Wednesday, October 04, 2006:

As stated earlier, I have made a port to the new compiler (RealView) for the AT91SAM7, also ARM7. I guess that you will only have to change the timer setup and some details in interrupt handling, which you can read out from the CARM ports. Hopefully it is useful for you.
It (or at least the changed files, including a demo) can be downloaded at:

I am happy for comments on this.



rtel wrote on Wednesday, October 04, 2006:

Nice one, I have a copy and will try it out.