LPC1768 + FreeRTOS + lwIP port

mavil wrote on Thursday, April 01, 2010:

Dear all,

I am a newbie with FreeRTOS and lwIP.
Currently, I want to implement an application on microcontroller LPC1768
And I have a problem to port FreeRTOS + lwIP to this device.
I would like to know if anyone already did this. So, you could show me where should I begin?
Or is there any available source code I can look into?

Thank you for your help.

rtel wrote on Thursday, April 01, 2010:

Start with the existing LPC17xx uIP demo so you get the Ethernet MAC driver included.  Then take a look at one of the other lwIP demos (maybe the STR9 one? or an AVR32 one?) to see which files you need to include to get lwIP in the build, and how to integrate it into the MAC driver and the application code.