nobody wrote on Tuesday, May 08, 2007:


i have running A IAR-MSP430 Port of V4.2.0 with some small extentions for Low-Power-Modes.
So the System is running in Power-Down with the 32kHz - Clock as a Realtime Clock toggeling ans showing on LCD every second with 10uA current.

For Power-Down I loaded the value of the tik-counter in a timer with the next task-wakeup-time and coroutine-wakeup-time in a Compare-Register of that Timer.

So the Controller can Sleep up to the nextwakeup or asynchron event.

Then the Tik-Counter is restored and the normal Realtime-Tiks are Handled.

If there ist no task or coroutine to run, the Power-Down-Mechanism is Called in the IDLE-task.

I Implemented this in port.c file but I extended the task.c with some small Routines to get and set the TIKs

portTickType  xTaskGetxTickCount(void)
void xTaskSetxTickCount( portTickType newxTickCount )

and to get the next Timepoint to wake up

portTickType xTaskGetNextDelayedTik( void )
portTickType pxGetNextDelayedCoRoutineTik ( void )

Are there an interest or plans to implement some more low-power-management feature in Free RTOS ?


rtel wrote on Tuesday, May 08, 2007:

Hi - Nice work - I would definitely be interested in seeing your modifications.  My email address is r [_dot] barry [_at] freertos.org

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nobody wrote on Sunday, May 13, 2007:

I also will be glad to seeing Your modification. My

nobody wrote on Monday, May 14, 2007:

I too would like to see your implementation of low power management, please send to frankwa [_at]gmail.com

Best regards, Frank Andersen