Looking compiler for RTOS

vead wrote on Tuesday, May 02, 2017:

Hello everyone
I am familiar with microcontroller (8051 ARM ). I have little bit knowledge of Embedded C programming. I am using window 10 OS. I want to learn about real time opearting system. also I am reading some books . I am looking for compiler so that I can compile some sample CODE. can someone provide me link to download compiler with sample code ?
thank you very much

rtel wrote on Tuesday, May 02, 2017:

I think at the last count we support some 18 different compilers, a lot
of which are free to download.

It sounds like you are inexperienced though, so I would not recommend
downloading a command line compiler, but something with an IDE. I can’t
recommend one over another (as we partner with many compiler vendors we
need to remain neutral) but each demo application in the FreeRTOS
download has a documentation page that tells you which compiler it is using.

However, as you say you only have a little knowledge of embedded C,
consider whether learning an RTOS is really the best thing for you. You
may be better off strengthening your embedded C skills with some
non-RTOS based exercises before taking the step to learning how to use
an RTOS. When you do get that far the FreeRTOS book
(http://www.freertos.org/Documentation/RTOS_book.html) will provide a
good introduction and includes many examples that you can build.