Logging task is not receiving xQueueReceive in the sample logging interface

Hi, i am using logging sample interface of logging provided amazon-freertos repo, below is the one i am using,
(amazon-freertos/libraries/logging at main · aws/amazon-freertos · GitHub)

If i use logging apis provided in above mentioned logging interface, i couldn’t see any logs from application, i could see that logging message is being sent in queue to logging task, but logging task is not receiving the queue. I tried increasing block time in xQueueSend() to 1000 but this didn’t help. Below is the reference where i increased block time in iot_logging_task_dynamic_buffers.c in prvLoggingPrintfCommon api.

log api is used as below in my application.
LogInfo( ( “/update/delta json payload:%s.”, ( const char * ) pxPublishInfo->pPayload ) );

logging is configured as below,
can anyone suggest what can be the possible ways to fix this.

How did you verify that that message is successfully sent to the queue? By stepping through the code?

What is the priority of the logging task? Is it possible that it is getting starved? Can you put a breakpoint in the logging task and see that it is getting a chance to run?

yes, I verified by stepping through the code.
priority of logging task is tskIDLE_PRIORITY.

Is there any other task at idle priority that might be starving the logging task? Can you try increasing the priority of the logging task? Please put a breakpoint in the logging task to see if it is running.


I have increased priority of logging task to (tskIDLE_PRIORITY + 3) but i can’t see logs from my application, however i can see logs from libraries with priority as (tskIDLE_PRIORITY + 3) & (tskIDLE_PRIORITY) as well, but not from my application. these are the applications i am referring to. 1 2.

Hi, Any suggestions on possible ways to fix this?

This is different than what you said earlier. If you are seeing messages from libraries, the logging task is not starved.

Can you step though the code and see if these macros are replaced correctly and the messages are being posted to the logging queue?