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crobgon wrote on Wednesday, March 05, 2008:


I have downloaded FreeRtos software with some demos. I’m using it’s webserver example under ARM7 LPC2368 Rowley. I’m trying to run the webserver example with internet explorer and the next message appears:

"Loading index.shtml. Click here if not automatically redirected. "

Here is a link that i click for redirect to the index.shtml but it never works. What is the problem?

I have follow the main intructions in uipop.h and configure the ip address, netmask and router address. Also, i have chanche the pinsel2_value . Shall i change more configurations? Can anybody help me?

Where can i find more information about how to configure the webserver application for running?



rtel wrote on Wednesday, March 05, 2008:

Please do not post the same question to 4 different places simultaneously.  It is not helpful to users who may wish to read the thread.