I’m having a issue when trying using FreeRTOS. These messeges are ariving and freezing the system. What’s wrong? What could causing this issue?


file [MyFolder/freertos/tasks.c]
func [vTaskSwitchContext]
line [3137]
listCURRENT_LIST_LENGTH(&(pxReadyTasksLists[uxTopPriority])) > 0

Where are these messages displaying?
Which chip and compiler are you using?
Is this happening in a demo project provided by us, or a project you created yourself?

Please provide a github link to the line in tasks.c that is causing the issue as you don’t mention which FreeRTOS version you are using. This is an example of how to link to line 3137 in version 10.6.2

@WGR7 Usually this type of assertion happens when memory corruption occurs in a task control block. I would recommend the following:

  1. Examine the stack size of each of your tasks and increase the stack size of tasks which may require more stack space.
  2. Temporarily disable portions of your code to determine which portion of your code is corrupting the heap or stack.
  3. Use a tracing tool to determine which portions of your application run prior to the assertion.


I discovered the issue’s cause. I was calling a queuee operation before create the queuee.


Thank you for reporting back!