Linux simulator TCP networking on host


I’m trying to implement a simulated setup, where I have a python program communicating via TCP to my POSIX + FreeRTOS environment ( I added a screenshot of the architecture below). However, I saw that in the networking demo, that connecting to the same host my create some issues (FreeRTOS-simulator-for-Linux.html). Is there any way to have a similar setup with only one ubuntu laptop.



Are you trying to run a TCP server on your laptop written in python and use FreeRTOS+TCP as a client in a separate process to communicate with it? Would you please elaborate what are you trying to achieve?

What issues are you seeing?


No, I am trying to use FreeRTOS + TCP as a server which would receive commands from the python client. Once, it receives the commands, I want to transmit them to my FreeRTOS MQTT module.

I can’t seem to connect to the FreeRTOS TCP server

Are you able to connect to the TCP server from another computer? Also, can you capture wireshark logs?