Linker error of xTaskNotify and xTaskNotifyWait while building FreeRtos project

Hello All,
I have created a small project on NUCLEO-L476RG with freeRtos.
There i am trying to notify the task to toggle LED when button is pressed.
But while building, i am getting linker error. I am getting linker error for xTaskNotify & xTaskNotifyWait function even the macro configUSE_TASK_NOTIFICATIONS is set. I have attached the screenshot as well

Please tell me the solution if anyone is aware of this error

My first thought is that either you misspelled it when you put it into FreeRTOSConfig.h, or you have multiple such files and it is in the wrong one.

thanks for your response.
Actually I got the issue.
observed that the definition of task notifications related function was under condition that configUSE_TASK_NOTIFICATIONS == 0.
when i compared the file with other FreeRTOS version, the condition was configUSE_TASK_NOTIFICATIONS == 1. so changed this in my code and code started working

Was this difference noted in the FreeRTOS kernel code? Or in your own code?

It was noted in Kernel code. (tasks.c)

Are you saying that there is a bug in the kernel code where we need to change configUSE_TASK_NOTIFICATIONS == 0 to configUSE_TASK_NOTIFICATIONS == 1? If yes, would you please let us know where is it?

Hello Gaurav,

I noticed this issue in Tasks.c which i have not modified.
I checked the freeRtos version which i downloaded as well and it was fine there.
so i am not sure how it got modified in my project.
I checked even on github, the code is fine.
PS: I used FreeRTOSv202212.00

is it possible that it can get modified during patching?

It is hard to say how it got modified.

Thank you for checking that.