Licencing question

riccardomanfrin wrote on Thursday, December 09, 2010:

Reading the exceptions to the FreeRTOS GPL licence provided in this page, I’d like to be clarified regarding the permissions to use FreeRTOS on a commercial software project.
More specifically, assume I develop an independent module that stays on top of FreeRTOS and relays on it. As I’m not satisfied with the off-the-shelf provided FreeRTOS APIs, I make modifications to FreeRTOS and maybe extend its set of APIs.
If I release those modifications and APIs under your modified GPL licence, can I still close the module with a commercial licence?
Thanks in advance.

rtel wrote on Thursday, December 09, 2010:

In very simple terms the API is the boundary between what must be open sourced and what need not be.  If you extend or change the API then the new API and any changes to the code necessary to use the API will have to be open source.  Your code that calls your API need not be.