LED Blinky with STM32 Nucelo

I am new in Free RTOS. I am Write a simple LED blink code with STM32 Nucelo Board Code working good. here I am create two task for LED Blink (Same LED) one is blink 500ms and another is 600 ms but i will check on serial oscilloscope timing is not a perfect what is reason ? one is set high priority another is lower priority.

So how I can found is free rtos is working perfect or not

please suggest me

Yash Shah

What exactly is not perfect ? What are your requirements ?

I am Simple write a LED blinky code in stm 32 using Free rtos so how to differentiate between Free RTOS LED blinky code and normal LED code (For Understanding)

It is not clear from your description what your problem is. Can you share your code snippet and describe the behavior you observe and the behavior you expect?


One more thing I am create two task for LED Blink for two different pin and one is normal priority and another is below normal priority
Problem: If I am Comment the code inside of Norma priority then my second task is not running(below Normal priority )what is reason?

Again, post the code. Otherwise how should someone know what’s going wrong ?
And try to describe the problem you have.

Hello @yash2315,

As @hs2 and @aggarg mentioned, would you mind posting the code? Or maybe give us a link if you have it in a github repository?
That would help us understand what is going on and what are you trying to do.