Latest 'Main' branch of +TCP has compilation error after last commit

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I am using the GCC tool chain for ARMv8…

I have found after pulling the latest ‘Main’ branch of +TCP I am unable to build the library. I get the following errors:

|unknown type name 'ConstSocket_t'; did you mean 'xSocket_t'?|FreeRTOS_Routing.h|/OTG_zus_FreeRTOS/TCP/include|line 326|C/C++ Problem|
|unknown type name 'Socket_t'; did you mean 'xSocket_t'?|FreeRTOS_Routing.h|/OTG_zus_FreeRTOS/TCP/include|line 327|C/C++ Problem|

I have found a quick fix is to simply add the line #include “FreeRTOS_Sockets.h” to line 34 of FreeRTOS_Routing.h.

Normally I would investigate, find the best solution and submit a pull request but I am too busy right now, sorry :flushed:. Just thought someone might be able to check it out and decide if my quick fix is really the best answer and take the best course of action.

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Thanks, @pete-pjb for opening a discussion on this issue.

Including FreeRTOS_Sockets.h seems to be the right fix to me. Wondering if the error was generated for you by an application source file since compilation of library source files are not detecting this as FreeRTOS_Routing.h is separately included wherever FreeRTOS_Sockets.h is included.

Hi @tony-josi-aws,

Thanks for picking this up.

I basically have my own library which combines the kernel, +TCP, +FAT; I link directly to just the source files relevant for my applications from my workspace as downloaded from GIT, but I also have a number of custom files to provide various bespoke network and file system integration for various parts of my hardware platform, so for sure I am compiling with different conditions than just a straight compile of the +TCP library which I expect is what has highlighted the problem, if that makes sense?

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Created a PR here.


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Thanks Tony.

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