Kinetis K60 demo files license

maddihri wrote on Friday, September 11, 2015:


I have a question about the license of some files from the Kinetis K60 demo application folder. I have ported the core and the demos for FreeRTOS to a new Freescale board with same core as K60 (M4) and I found headers and source files with no copyright assigned in:

  • FreeRTOS\Demo\CORTEX_Kinetis_K60_Tower_IAR\Freescale_Code\common,
  • FreeRTOS\Demo\CORTEX_Kinetis_K60_Tower_IAR\Freescale_Code\cpu and
  • FreeRTOS\Demo\CORTEX_Kinetis_K60_Tower_IAR\Freescale_Code\drivers.

What status do these files have?
Who is the copyright owner?
Are the files under FreeRTOS GPL modified license or something else?

Thank you,
Madalina Hristache

rtel wrote on Friday, September 11, 2015:

As the directory name suggests, the code in those folders is from Freescale, and not written by us. The demo is actually very old, and I don’t recall where the files originally came from, but they may have been auto-generated. You might like to get the latest code from Freescale’s current KSDK, which will probably have a better header in them.


xz8987f wrote on Friday, September 11, 2015:

The fles are not auto generated.
It seems to me that these files could be taken from the example projects provided by Freescale for the K60 device. At least the file structure looks very similar to these kind of packages. But Freescale usually has copyrights in the file headers which do not exist here, so it could be these files are the original files from the author who contributed that example to the FreeRTOS project.

lciummo wrote on Friday, September 11, 2015:

The files you reference are all Freescale supplied code. If you want to use them in your product AND you are using Freescale parts, you can just click on any of the download links for Freescale code and they will give you a license. Try clicking here …

KDSK is another option with a similar license, but you’ll have some learning curve as it is a faily complex driver BSP package written to be portable to many operating systems and architectures, and hence has many abstraction layers. It’s best used with the KDS tool chain, including the latest version of Freescales Processor Expert.

If you need A LOT of drivers, it’s probably worth it. Otherwise, I’d stick with the old style startup/bsp code.