Keil as Development IDE for ARM9_AT91SAM9XE_

gupta123 wrote on Thursday, June 21, 2012:

Dear Sir

I want  to be used Keil as Development IDE and Ported current Project for Supported Demo of  FreeRTOS ARM9_AT91SAM9XE_IAR for Atmel microcontroller is using IAR Tools as development any Application.As per my knowlege files that’s is Provided by IAR tools in FreeRTOS  in  FreeRTOSV7.1.0\Source\portable\IAR\AtmelSAM9XE

• ISR_Support.H
• Port.c
• Portasm.s79
• Portmacro.c
From where i can get these Files for used KIEL as development IDE for My Application Development Application for atmel microcontroller project of FreeRTOS Demo ARM9_AT91SAM9XE_IAR .

rtel wrote on Thursday, June 21, 2012:

Are you posting each post multiple times?  If so PLEASE STOP because they will be filling peoples email folders, and I have to delete them from this form.  If you are only posting once, and they messages are being duplicated, then please contact SourceForge support and raise a bug request with them.

Keil port files are in FreeRTOS/source/portable/rvds as they use the RVDS compiler.  There are not so many ports as for IAR, and probably no ARM9 ports, but you can create one easily enough by modifying an ARM7 port as they are nearly identical from a software perspective (although very different from a hardware perspective).  You can use the IAR ARM9 port to see how the tick interrupt is configured.