It seems the the schedule operation is not allowed during exit irq handler opertion except the TICK hander? why is this desigin?

tugouxp wrote on Sunday, November 03, 2019:

the “ulPortYieldRequired” would be checked if a scheduler request need to opeate, but it seems this object only can be changed in “tick hander”, others irq types are not afffect the scheduler.
so, why the scheduelr only bounding to the tick hander? in some rtos, the scheduler check would be down during all the irq exit stage.

did i misunderstanding something? thanks for your kindly help.

rtel wrote on Sunday, November 03, 2019:

Any ISR safe function can cause a reschedule in an interrupt. There is an faq on the design choices - not at my desk now otherwise would send a link. Also suggest reading the free to download book.

rtel wrote on Sunday, November 03, 2019:

Here is the link I was referring to (which seems to have a typo “for for”).