Issues With FreeRTOS+TCP v4.00 with xilinx_ultrascale Network interface

I am trying to update code to use v4.00 as I need to add in the functionality to change the ip adress while the program is running and it seems more straight foward in v4.00. However FreeRTOS_IPInit calls pxFillInterfaceDescriptor which seems to have an implementation in all other Network Interfaces but not an implementation in the xilinx ultrascale one. I thought maybe pxFillInterfaceDescriptor wasn’t needed for a xilinx ultrascale device however if I comment out the call to pxFillInterfaceDescriptor then I fail this line:
configASSERT( FreeRTOS_FirstNetworkInterface() != NULL );
in FreeRTOS_IPInit_Multi which is called by FreeRTOS_IPInit


There are some ports that are not validated/updated with the v4.0.0 version of FreeRTOS+TCP and above, xilinx_ultrascale port happens to be one of them. The changes required to make the port work with v4.0.0 and above should be identical to the similar changes made to other network interface ports. If you prefer to make the changes, please feel free to post questions here if you have any and upstream those changes to FreeRTOS+TCP.

Tagging @htibosch, checking if there is an updated version of xilinx_ultrascale that works with v4.0.0 and above.

That’s right, we haven’t had the time yet to adapt NetworkInterface to use multiple interfaces.
What I would do is compare/merge
Zynq/NetworkInterface with
And yes, any questions you have can be asked here.