Is valid to modify the port file?

darukur wrote on Monday, May 26, 2008:

Is valid for FreeRtoS project to modify the port.c file?

I’m using at the moment the PIC18F port.
I’m asking that because I have developments that needs a different SW/HW config and the provided for the port assumes that I need to use Serial communication and the CCP1 for Tick generation.
If I want to use as example Timer 0 for Tick generation and no serial com (e.g.:maybe I need the pins for other stuff) is licit to modify it? or there’s a way to get around it?

Best Regards.

rtel wrote on Monday, May 26, 2008:

You have the source code so you can do as you wish.  Ideally the port layer would remain untouched, but this is not always realistic.  You could make prvSetupTimerInterrupt() a callback function into the application so the application decides how the tick is to be generated.