Is there a way to use FreeRTOS for Windows VS projects?

I am doing the robot simulation experiment of v-REP and VS interaction.I used to use FreeRTOS on STM32.Now is the time to find a way to make FreeRTOS available in VS projects.I chose the Debug X64 mode.Previously downloaded an official FreeRTOS demo project in Win10, the solution is win32.My question may be a little vulgar, please forgive me.Thank you very much if you can solve this problem.

I’m not sure if I fully understand your question but our Windows port works in both Visual Studio and MingW (the MingW project in the release current has an issue in main.c that has been fixed in the head revision).

Thank you for your reply.My native language is Chinese. If I ask questions through software translation, I may have some grammar problems. Please forgive me.As shown in the figure below, I have used the emulator above Win10.On the VS software, I can only select “Debug Win32”, where the red box is in the image.

The following figure is the project file I am currently creating for the simulation.I can only select “Debug X64” and “Debug x86”, where the red boxes are in the picture.

I know FreeRTOS will run in the demo, the official simulator.The question I’d like to ask now is how I can manipulate or transplant files so that I can use FreeRTOS in the actual project I want, even when I choose “Debug X64” mode.I’d appreciate it if you could help me solve this problem.

Are you seeing any problem when you use “Debug|x64” and you add FreeRTOS files? If yes, would you please share what error do you get.


Sorry, I gave up on the idea of continuing to build the project on Debug X64. Because V-REP is a software that allows 32-bit engineering projects to interact. I ported the engineering code to the official demo project, and continued to use the Debug Win32 provided by the official. :sweat_smile: