Is it possible to load and run FreeRTOS on R5 via Linux on the A53 (ZCU102)

I have used the vitis tools to build, load, and run the hello-world demo on the R5_0 core in a zcu102 board (executable Debug/vitis-freertos-hello-world.elf).

Can the Linux running on the A53 cores do a load and run of this .elf file on an R5? That is, can I avoid using the sdk and the jtag link to load the R5 and instead have the linux running on the a53 cores do this. Any pointers to documentation most welcome.

I have tried “recycling” an openamp dtsi configuration for petalinux that supports a baremetal R5 demo with OpenAMP (where linux and R5 exchange messages via rpmsg), but it seems that the FreeRTOS R5 executable I have built is not suitable.

I presume the answer to your question is ‘yes’ as I think that is normal for dual core systems - the docs will be on the Xilinx site though, not