IP aliasing

Hi all,
I’m would like to understand if FreeRTOS is able to manage IP aliasing in connection to LWiP.

My aim is to have more than 1 IP address assigned to my ethernet port port on a Cortex M4/M7/M33 uC

Hi @Lps,
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In FreeRTOS, we have our FreeRTOS-plus-TCP stack which is a well tested code using unit-tests, CBMC(Memory safety proofs) and Protocol tests. In this stack we support having multiple endpoints(IPv4 or IPv6) on the same physical interface. And each of the endpoints can have a different ip-address.
This will mostly serve the ip alias functionality that you are looking for.

This page describes multiple interfaces and multiple endpoints - FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP Multiple Interfaces - FreeRTOS.

Thank you @Shub .

I was wandering if there is someone who did it using LWiP.

I really don’t know how much effort does the porting of my application to FreeRTOS-plus-TCP takes…

You are likely to get better response on LWIP mailing list.

Same socket interface APIs are used in both , hence from application point of view there will be no difference.

Good feedback, thank you

I would not even bother with LWIP !

Why would you even consider it when the FreeRTOS TCP package is mature and reliable and capable and fully featured integrated into FreeRTOS?>

LWIP is a P-O-S… It is something you use on a constrained 8 bit microprocessor in the 1990s