IotMqtt_Connect vs. MQTT_Connect

What is the difference between IotMqtt_Connect and MQTT_Connect?

IotMqtt_Connect is part of MQTT V2.x.x APIs while MQTT_Connect is part of coreMQTT Library.

As mentioned in this README, we have MQTT Compatibility Layer which provides backward compatibility from coreMQTT library to MQTT V2.x.x APIs. It is recommended to use coreMQTT library for all the new applications.


Thank you for your response.
I’m porting my IOT 201906 AFR based application to 202011 but in my origin application I used a single MQTT connection for both handling my shadow as well as serving the OTA.
How can I handle this situation now in 202011?

Apologies for the delayed response. I guess it is addressed here? Is there a porting guide from older version (202002 and 201906) to the last one 202012?