Introduction to RTOS video series by Shawn Hymel and Digi-Key

This is the first video of the series staring Shawn Hymel and presented by Digi-Key, covering the question “what is a RTOS?” Shyawn provides a comparison of super loop applications (like Arduino) and concurrent (like FreeRTOS). Shawn provides a demo of the Arduino core for ESP32 using the Arduino IDE.

I tried to combine freeRTOS and Arduino as well some time back on an AVR and there were various issues with this approach.

  • Debugging - there is no sane way to debug with Arduino - the thing closest to what I wanted was sloeber
  • Timing - the Arduino code disables interrupts, which has a huge impact on the real-time performance. So you can, more or less, forget about real-time when you use Arduino code.

This is a bit different from the AVR FreeRTOS port by Phillip Stevens. Espressif’s Arduino core for ESP32 also allows you to use JTAG to debug arduino code (not in Arduino IDE of course).