Intrinsic.h missing


I’m trying to understand some code send to me.
I’m using IAR embedded workplace V.9.20 for an arm7 LPC2132 processor.
In the software in a freeRTOS file a headerfile intrinsic.h is called, but i can’t find it anywhere and the debugger can’t neither.
There is another forum like this, but they fixed it by going back to version 4 of IAR embedded workplace, wich seems to be a bit obsolete or even discontinued now.
the other forum is from 2006 and is called " include files"

Does anyone know what to do?

Seems like this file is part of IAR toolchain - Take advantage of your intrinsics | IAR Systems

It is intrinsic.h without “s”.

I’m unsure at the moment if it is possible to rename the file and use it instead.

Can you tell which file is failing to compile? Is it a FreeRTOS file?

the intrinsic.h is included in port.c and portmacro witch both to my knowledge is a part of freeRTOS

I don’t know which FreeRTOS port you are using or which version of FreeRTOS you are using, but I think IAR changed the name of that file in the past. Please let us know if a file in the current version of FreeRTOS needs updating. To fix your problem you need to edit the FreeRTOS file to the current name of the header file, not rename the header file.

[edit] I’ve just grepped the FreeRTOS code for “intrinsic.h” and didn’t get any hits, but do get lots of hits for “intrinsics.h”. My guess is you are using a very old version of FreeRTOS [/edit]

I asked IAR for embedded workbench v.4.40 and can now run the code. It is a shame that i have to run an older version of the software, but it is what it is.

Anyway thanks for the help