Interrupts register

How can register new interrupt in freertos. Is there any api to register.

There is no single API - and how you do it depends on the hardware and tools you are using. For example, in most cases the vector table is hard coded for execute in place from Flash and is defined in the compiler’s start up files. In other case (for example the Xilinx Zynq) the vector table is in Ram and the vendor provides an API for registering handlers.

ok Rtel thanks for info.

Hi Rtel one more doubt please explain what is the difference between vTaskNotifyGiveFromISR and xTaskNotifyFromISR.
can we use any one api to invoke task or any limitations are there?

The difference is better explained under the non-ISR versions (vTaskNotifyGive / vTaskNotify), the ‘Give’ version is designed to work with the xTaskNotifyTake function to give a simplified API to make the Notify interface be a light weigh semaphore (counting or binary). The plain vTaskNotify has a fuller interface allowing for more complicated conditioning.