internal compiler error Rowley demo

interdit wrote on Tuesday, July 07, 2009:


I’m trying the demo for the LPC2138 on Rowley 2.0 but I got this error:

serialISR.c:114: internal compiler error: in expand_expr_addr_expr_1, at expr.c:6835

which is this line:
if( xQueueReceiveFromISR( xCharsForTx, &cChar, &xTaskWokenByTx ) == pdTRUE )

Any idea on how to fix it ?


interdit wrote on Thursday, July 09, 2009:

Here is the answer of Rowley support:

The naked attribute seems to be causing the problem. We always recommend use of ctl_set_isr so that regular functions can be used as interrupt handlers. I guess you can’t do this with FreeRTOS interrupt handlers? I need to do some research on FreeRTOS interrupt handlers to see if I can work out a way of avoiding naked functions.

Richard could you advise us too ?