InfluxDB safe Data and send to Grafana

hello everybody,

on my ESP 32 i wanˋt to create a freertos program. I wanˋt to save meassurements on my ESP 32. After some time collecting the data i wan‘t to connect the ESP 32 to wifi and sent the meassurements to my InfluxDB Database and afterwards visualize the Data on Grafana. Is it possible to safe some data on InfluxDB all at once and also the specific time when data was meassured? There must be something like a timestamp that i can add to the data maybe, so that Grafana knows where to put the data on the graph.

Im knew to this topic and thankful for any advice, experience or example project.

many thanks

FreeRTOS itself has no “Time of Day” concept, as getting such a value is very application and processor specific. FreeRTOS does have a concept of time in its “Tick Count” but that is based on the elapsed time since FreeRTOS was started, so might not work depending on exactly what you are doing.

This may help coreSNTP - FreeRTOS